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Ever wonder why art costs so much?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

People always ask me: "Why is art so expensive?" I've been painting for so many years that I've lost track of what it costs to produce a piece of art. I'm an acrylic painter so I use stretched canvas or canvas board as my stable ground! A typical 16x20 canvas is $15. a good painters easel is $500. Each tube of paint averages between $8 and $25 depending on we'll use $16. Brushes cost depending on size and construction so we'll use $12 each! I think you're getting the point of this exercise. We haven't even touched on the time it takes for an artist to complete a piece of work and framing the work if appropriate. Yes.....some art is overpriced! Much of what you see at art shows and small art galleries and in online galleries is a real bargain. Buy some art soon.....and often!

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