Morning Quiet   (21x16)
Winter Dreams   (12x9)
A Waning Moon   (14x11)
Going Home   (21x16)
Winter Mosaic   (21x16)
Time Gone By   SOLD
Set a Spell   (20x16)
Summer Bounty   (20x16)
Herefords   (24x16)
Hayley Gallery
Path to the Woods   (18x18)
Mountain Morning   (20x14)
Grandpa's Barn   (16x21)
Farm Sunrise   (12x24)
Fingernail Moon   SOLD
Ohio River Scenic Byway   (16x22)
Setting Moon   (14x20)
Midwest Summer   (14x14)
Appalachian Sunrise   (20x14)
Mission Sunset 2   (21x14)
Farmhouse Morning   (16x21)
Spring Rains   (14x20)
Mission Sunset   (21x16)
Bluebells   (14x20)
America's Heartland   (16x20)
Indiana Winter   SOLD
Happy Holiday  SOLD
Fall of '19   SOLD
Maine Winter  SOLD
Winter Barn  (16x22)
Fall in New England  (18x24)
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