Battlewagon   (26x14)
Morning Walk   (20x14)
Gulf Storm   (14x20)
Lobsta Shack   (20x14)
Gone   (20x14)
Slack Water   (24x16)
Cold Winter Morning   (20x14)
Running for Home   (18x14)
Another Dream   (16x24)
Hayley Gallery
Marsh Moonrise   (24x16)
Evening Light   SOLD
Coastal Sunset   (21x14)
Spinnakers   (18x11)
Nantucket Winter   (30x40)
Toes in the Sand   SOLD
Storm Tossed   (21x16)
Winter on the Cape   (14x21)
Nor'easter   (21x14)
Marsh Grasses   (18x18)
Full on Summer   SOLD
Cod Fishing   (16x24)
Hayley Gallery
Winter Beauty   (24x16)
Summer Color   (24x16)
High Tide 2   (21x16)
Sunset Along the Ohio   (20x16)
High Tide   (12x24)
Heading for the Grand Banks   (21x16)
Along the Mighty Ohio   (14x18)
Summer Moon   (21x14)
Pond Morning   (18x24)
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Morning Walk   (20x14)