Summer Moon   (21x14)
Pond Morning   (18x24)
Goin' for Scrod   (20x14)
Walking the Dingle Way   (18x24)
Sparkle   (21x16)
Coastal Summer   (14x20)
Bass Country   (21x16)
Path to the Beach   (21x16)
Another place I can't go!
Places I can't go   (20x14)
Safe Haven   (24x16)
Hayley Gallery
Summer Squall   (16x11)
Summer Along the Little Miami   (16x24)
Summer   (24x16)
Evening Mist   (14x21)
Early Morning   (16x20)
Summer Heat   (21x14)
Indiana Sunrise   SOLD
Good Morning!   (16x21)
Gig in Fog   (24x16)
Dory in Gray   (14x20)
Hayley Gallery
Last Haul of the Day   (14x20)
Starboard Tack   (16x21)
A Lost Spring   (16x21)
An Essential Business   (16x20)
Mid Tide  SOLD
Scituate Harbor   SOLD
Carolina Morning   (14x21)
Miss L.   (20x14)
Gone Shrimpin'   (20x14)
Gig and Friends   (18x14)
Hayley Gallery
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Good Morning!   (16x21)