Coal Hauler   (14x20)
Railroads Past   (14x20)
Home for the Holidays   (21x14)
Union Terminal   SOLD
End of the Line2  (40x30)
Grain Elevator   (11x14)
Night Moves  (14x20)
Westward Bound  (12x16)
Hayley Gallery
Racing into History  (16x20)
A Wink of Red  (11x14)
East Bound  SOLD
Backing on the 481  (12x9)
Long Gone  SOLD
Fireman on the 202  (12x9)
On Time  SOLD
End of the Line  (20x16)
Nightmare  (12x9)
The Age of Steam  (20x14)
Steam Yard  (10x8)
Backing the 3005   SOLD
The Hostler   SOLD
Sams World   SOLD
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Railroads Past   (14x20)